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Dipen Nar

SKPSS-Id: 166

Date of Birth: 03/05/1992

Occupation: Self-employed


Meet Savsani

SKPSS-Id: 167

Date of Birth: 03/02/1996

Occupation: Job

Education: , B.ED

Kelvin Dedaniya

SKPSS-Id: 154

Date of Birth: 01/12/1985

Occupation: Business

Education: 12


SKPSS-Id: 130

Date of Birth: 03/09/1994

Occupation: Manager in kotak mahindra bank.Pune.

Education: Chartered accountants.

Mirant Dadhania

SKPSS-Id: 161

Date of Birth: 29/11/1991

Occupation: Business

Education: M.B.A

Samir Vadaliya

SKPSS-Id: 162

Date of Birth: 11/09/1986

Occupation: General Manager

Education: BCA

Nikunj Hingrajiya

SKPSS-Id: 163

Date of Birth: 17/12/1990

Occupation: Business

Education: Bachlor of engineering in Mechanical


SKPSS-Id: 84

Date of Birth: 18/11/1994

Occupation: Heat treatment engineer in Menon Pistons limited sangli.

Education: Bachelor's in Mechanical engineering.

Dr. Tanvi Vadalia

SKPSS-Id: 12

Date of Birth: 23/11/1992

Occupation: Practicing physiotherapy in mumbai

Education: Bachelor in Physiotherapist